123 hp setup officejet 8710
123 hp setup printer 8710
123 hp setup hp officejet pro 8710



  • 22-24 pages per minute in black.
  • Print in between 25000-25500 pages
  • 2.65 inch color display screen with touch
  • Double 2-side copy, scan and print

123 HP SETUP 8710 PROS

  • Duplex printing
  • Low cost
  • High speed Printing
  • Good for small business and in house office use

123 HP SETUP 8710 CONS

  • Single paper tray
  • Very large
  • Distorted Photo quality
  • Not for large business

hp officejet pro 8710 scanner setup


HP setup 8710 printer have the dimensions19.7 inches width, 18.55inches depth and 11.8 inches height.It weight is around 26.23 pounds. Officejet printers have multifunctions such as printing, scanning, copying and a fax machine.

For mobile and cloud printing download HP eprint from 123.hp.com/setup8710. You can print from anywhere and with any device. It’s performance is fast, gives fast printing throughput, water proof printing and standard printing.

HP setup8710 supports duplex printing so you can print on both sides of the paper. It is cost effective and the money inveseted is value.



In this method it automatically connects, you need not type the network SSID or password.

Similarity Checklist :
  • Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Mac OS.
  • PC with dynamic IP address.
  • 11b/g/n remote switch over a 2.4GHz connection.
Install printer software:
  • From 123.hp.com/setup8710 download the software.
  • Ensure the software you download is perfect for both your printer type and your computer OS.
  • Select the Network type.
  • Select Yes and send my wireless settings to my printer and start installing.
Printer Setup:
  • After selecting the option ‘Auto Wireless Connect’,the remaining connection will occur itself.
  • Note while connection of computer of your computer will be temporarily disconnected from internet.


Install Printer Software:
  • From 123.hp.com/setup8710 download the software.
  • Check the similarity of the software you downloaded should match with your printer type and your operating system.
  • Choose the network type.
  • Select Yes, send my wireless settings to my printer installing.
  • Boost up your HP product.
  • The control panel on HP printer which has LCD screen with buttons and icons and this the place you put your printer for service for next few minutes.
  • Before you start with setup you should know the name(SSID) and password of your network.If it is not remember you can contact the person who set the network for you.
  • You will find a setup button while switch on the control panel.
  • Choose the network menu.
  • Click on wireless setup wizard.
  • Enter your password.
  • Your printer will be connected to the network immediately. You may print a test report to confirm.


Install Printer Software:
  • You have to download the software from 123.hp.com/setup8710.
  • Confirm the software you download is good to both your printer type and your PC OS.
  • Select the network type.
  • Select Yes and send my wireless settings to my printer and begin installing.
Push Button Mode:
  • You should make sure that your router and HP Printer supports push button mode.
  • On your printer select the WPS push button mode.
  • At last click the WPS button on your router.


Install Printer Software:
  • From 123.hp.com/setup8710 download the software.
  • For your printer type and your computer, OS the software download should be compatible.
  • Select the network type.
  • Send Yes, send my wireless settings to my printer installing.
Printer setup:
  • Connect the HP printer to the power source.
  • Turn on the HP printer.
  • Now click on the one end of the USB cable to the computer while other to the printer.
  • The system identifies the printer.
  • Now your printer is ready to be used.

123 HP Setup 8710 Support and Userguide


  • Installing or Setting up the printer 123.hp.com/setup8710
  • Printer similarity with the PC or operating system.
  • The Print drivers are degenerate or obsolete
  • The Printer drivers are lost or not installed or a wrong driver is installed
  • Jam in print spooling area, Print spooler error
  • The speed of printing is very slow.
  • Frequent Paper Jams, Ink Cartridge Jam, and the paper feeder grabs numerous sheets of paper
  • PC hangs while using a printer
  • Setting up printer Wirelessly
  • Trouble in configuring123.hp.com/setup 8710 ePrint
  • Not able to print from smartphone or wirelessly.


USB(Universal Serial Bus) Connection of 123.hp.com/setup8710

The 123.hp.com/setup8710 series has a committed USB port for associating it to a PC. On the off chance that the USB association is active, then the Web Services won't be active.

To connect the HP Setup 8710 Printer with the USB link
  • Switch ON your HP Setup 8710 Printer and the computer.
  • Embed the HP setup 8710 printer driver programming CD onto CD drive of the PC.
  • Not connect the USB link now.
  • Install the driver software on your PC from the Driver CD.
  • Establishment takes a while, finish the establishment by taking after the on-screen instructions.
  • Associate the USB link to the PC just when it prompts.
Wirelessly to the HP Setup 8710 printer without a router:

You can undoubtedly connect your 123.hp.com/setup8710 printer to the Wi-Fi empowered PCs and Smartphone with the assistance of HP wireless direct. With this, you can print straightforwardly through Wi-Fi however without a wireless router.

123 HP Setup 8710 printer without a Wireless Router
  • Click on Wireless Direct, from the Home screen on the printer's display.
  • Squeeze OK, to start the Wireless Direct.
  • After the above step, pick On without Security, and afterward tap OK.
  • See the name of your Wireless Direct by squeezing the button alongside Display Name.
  • Incase on the off chance that you have empowered security, you can see the password of your Wireless Direct by squeezing the button next Password.


  • Load the input tray with appropriate number of sheets; don't put more number of sheets at a time.
  • Get the printed output papers quickly, since it might collect on the tray and cause paper jam.
  • When loading the paper on the input tray, ensure that the paper is not in split or twisted condition.
  • While loading the input tray don’t mix different paper types,always use same type of paper.
  • Confirm that input paper size remains the same or not
  • Settle all the input paper appropriately onto the paper-width guides of the input plate. This prevents any misalignment and jams while printing.
  • Don’t pull out the printed papers coercively, since it might make harm the printed paper and additionally the printer parts inside.
  • Always switch OFF your printer before including more input papers. Abstain from stacking the input tray while the printer is printing some print work.
123 HP Setup 8710 clear the Paper Jam from print zone

Take after the means offered underneath to clean up any paper jam on your HP Setup 8710 printer.

  • Switch OFF your printer and after that open the cartridge get to entryway.
  • Remove the cleanout as appeared in the picture given underneath.
  • Tenderly draw off the stuck paper as appeared in the picture given underneath.
  • Subsequent to evacuating the jammed paper totally, put the cleanout once more into its place as appeared in the picture given beneath.
  • After the above step, close the cartridge access door and squeeze OK on the printer's control board to proceed with the print work.


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